Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Paşa And Final End Of An İnnovation Treatment

Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Paşa is born in Urgup-Muşkara. He came to Istanbul in his youth, Sultan III. While Ahmet was a prince, it become the Grand Vizier whwn the prince was a sultan. Nevşehirli does not have a good training. He learned to read and write after he entered the palace. He is forward-lookingh and innovative. “To carefully examine the hope and teaching of Europe”, Yirmisekiz Çelebi Mehmet goes to France sender it is. In the same way, despite all difficulties it was the one that provided the opening of the first it has become such that it has signed many new innovations like this. No one has dared to engage in such crucial moves until the time of Nevşehirli. With these moves Nevşehirli among the greatest of the Ottoman Grand Viziers has taken its place. During the periode of Ahmet III a very bright period was opened in Ottoman history, the reason fort his the movements of Nevşehirli. The name of this periode is “Tulip Revolution”. In addition to being a milestone in innovation and progress serious ciriticism has also been the target in terms of over-entertaitment. Excessive luxury and discomfort disturbed the people who struggled with their livelihood. Very serious anguish and complaints from society to rise. However, those who ruled the state did not see this anguish and complaint. In all this turmoil, the Grand Vizier made a strategic mistake like opening a war to Iran, and this political error triggered the coup d’etat. A great rebellion has begun under the leadership of Patrona Halil. Ahmet III handed over the great vizier on the request and the pres of the rebels. At same time, he had to give the throne to Mahmud I nephew. Thus, a great innovation has ended in a tremendous way and a bright period closed.


Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha, Innovation, Tulip Period, Patrona Halil, Revolution.

Author : Hasan YAŞAROĞLU
Number of pages: 643-667
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Historical Analysis
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