Personality traits are important for both leaders and employees in terms of organizational behavior. Personal traits are generally examined as normal personality traits. However, in recent years, studies have begun to focus on different characteristics of personality. Three personality structures - Machiavellianism, Subclinical Narcissism and Subclinical Psychopathy are personality traits that have common characteristics that have entered the literature as dark triad, although they have different dynamics. Recent studies have created the concept of Dark Tetrad, pointing out the need to include sadism personality traits in the characteristics of dark personalities. Begun to examine these concepts, especially in the international arena, but the number of studies in the field of organizational behavior on this issue in Turkey has been limited. Therefore, studies conducted in our country should examine how these personality concepts form a picture in the field of organizational behavior. Organizations consist of individuals and personality characteristics of these individuals constitute an important place in terms of continuity and success of organizations. In this study, the concept of the dark triad and dark tetrad is examined in the light of the literature.


organizational behavior, dark triad, dark tetrad

Author : İlknur ÖZTÜRK
Number of pages: 921-933
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.30244
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Economics,Finance,Politics
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