It has become always a specific subject to mention the entity of traditions of local administration in meaning of modernity, in respect of the Ottoman State era. Therewith, some similar organisations have been fixed, which give such services that we may name them as local administrations. It would be suitable to consider the municipality understanding of the Ottoman State in two separate frameworks as Traditional Period and The After- Reform Period and, however, the period lasting from the foundation of Republic Order until today should be added to this framework. With a purpose to present more efficient public services, the public administration having difficulties in keeping up with this change in the world that was rapidly changing has had to renovate and revise itself. With a purpose to ensure becoming equipped and prepared in front of actual changes by continually finding solutions as for their own efficient and inefficient properties, any, any crisis and threads events occurring in exterior frameworks and, to increase the efficiency and productivity of strategic planning understanding as a method, they have put some ways and methods into practices in this respect. However the traditional public administration has lost its significance in process that the new public administration has become more significant and dominant following this strategic planning and, the new public administration has entered the public administration field and put into practice. The strategic planning has accomplished to have efficiency in the national planning system in time, a new legal and administrative sub-structure has got formed for this purpose and the strategic planning has made obligatory for public bodies. The globalisation and the Notion of strategic planning have become more important in respect of all fields where there is competition as result of globalisation. The strategic planning is quite important in respect of sustaining a competitive superiority and of minimising any future uncertainties. This study works on the strategic planning importance that is an unconditional obligation to ensure the local administrations to survive, while mentioning the modernisation stages that the local administrations have experienced from past to today.


modernisation, local administrations, strategic planning

Number of pages: 869-881
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Turkish Studies-Economics,Finance,Politics
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