Independent Audit Report in Concorde Process GDS 3400- Evaluation of Forward Financial Information Standard

Concordatum is regulated as an executive bankruptcy institution with the Execution and Bankruptcy Law no. 7101. The concordatum institution was reorganized in December 2018, enabling enterprises to restructure their debts. In order to prevent irregularities with this regulation, the audit report that provides reasonable assurance has been added to the documents to the request of the concordatum. The audit report as an additional matter in the article of the Law is within the scope of the assurance audit. While the reliability of financial information is provided by independent audit, the reliability of non-financial information is provided by assurance audit. Users of financial information can request assurance in many areas such as information technology, sustainability reports. Assurance services are auditing activities that provide an independent and objective assessment of financial statements. Assurance audit can be defined as an audit process that provides assurance by an expert as a result of the verification of the relationship between the parties under a contract by an external expert or the audit of the relationship directly by certain criteria. Assurance services include many areas of information, including non-financial areas. The purpose of these audits is to ensure that transactions are carried out in accordance with applicable policies and regulations. In this context, all regulatory and financial statement audits are considered as assurance services. The purpose of assurance services is to improve the reliability and quality of financial and non-financial information about the company. In this study, the concordatum institution was briefly discussed and the subject was tried to be explained in the context of assurance audit standard 3400 (GDS-3400) and evaluated in terms of reasonable assurance.


concordatum, assurance auditing, reasonable assurance

Author : Tuğçe UZUN KOCAMIŞ
Number of pages: 1093-1105
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Economics,Finance,Politics
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