Assessment of E-Government Policies and Practices in Croatia Through the Perspective of EU Indicators

Information and communication Technologies are recognized to have tremendous ‘administrative’ potential like helping to create a networked structure for interconnectivity, service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness, interactivity, decentralization, transparency and accountability. Electronic government (e-government) cover all these functions and, generally speaking, refers to the intensive use of ICT in providing the citizens an improved access to information related to public administrations as well as in providing them superb service quality. Because of these benefits states launched to make transformation from government to e-government. EU determined standarts and action plans to e-transformation for the member states and candidate states. In this paper it is presented a review of e-government concept and its application in the Republic of Croatio through the EU indicators. The aim of this article is to provide insights into the current legal, institutional level, implementations and possibilities for further improvements of e-government in Croatia. After introducing a brief e-government context, it is given brief historical outline of the efforts undertaken so far within the framework of 2007 Strategy. Also, it is analysed so far 2020 Strategy identifying certain key problems and development potentials in this area. Then, results of the evaluation of the progress in the field of e-Government are presented by means of the European Commission's indicator for online user centricity, accountability, cross border mobility and key enablers. Next, the projects within the e-Croatia 2020 Programme are discussed. Finally, key issues concerning e-Government, state-citizen interaction, level of e-services offered to citizens are summed up in the conclusion, along with the data for future work.


e-government, ICT, Croatia, EU indicators

Author : Hatice KOÇ
Number of pages: 843-868
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Economics,Finance,Politics
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