On the Synthactic Effect of Meaning in Arabic Language

It can be said that the most important factor in the adherence of the Arabic language to the rules is sometimes incorrect pronunciations that may damage the principles of belief. Because Arabic is a language of explicating, and if it is thought that there is a close connection with explicating directly, the danger of wrong learning and teaching of religious texts will be inevitable as a result of wrong pronunciations. In this respect, the correct understanding of any sentence depends primarily on the correct pronunciation of that sentence. This reveals the importance of pronunciation in the Arabic language that the basis of science such as syntax (nahiv), grammar and rhetoric has been formed in this way. The meaning is the most important factor shaping pronunciation in Arabic Language. Because the individual uses words and expressions in line with what he intends to tell his addressee. In addition, if the words and expressions used sometimes contradict the rules of language, the efforts to comment on the same words and expressions and solve these problems are also meaning-oriented. Therefore, the number of linguists and grammarians who say “the factor of meaning has been taken into consideration necessarily” is very high in the places where it is seen that the traditional grammar of Arabic grammar goes beyond the rules of language. In fact, the question of reevaluating a word or an expression from the perspective of language rules, starting from the meaning factor, takes place immethodically in many later works as well as in the early grammar works. In addition, this is often seen in the form of answering a number of questions posed during the processing of a particular grammatical subject or in the methods (Istishâd) used to prove a grammatical rule. In this context, the article examines the effect of the meaning factor on the reassessment of a word or phrase in the context of language rules, and on the other hand reveals that some language rules that can be stretched in accordance with this factor do not apply to all words and expressions, but that this depends on the sense perception (السماع). On the other hand, the article draws attention to the effect of the meaning factor on the formation of the concepts used frequently in Arabic grammar.


Arabic Language, Language Rules, Nahiv (Syntax) Science, Meaning and Nahiv (Syntax), Nahiv (Syntax) and Logic, Effect of Meaning.

Author : Rıfat AKBAŞ
Number of pages: 415-439
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.36870
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Comparative Religious Studies
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