The Role of Dhikr in The Context of Remembering In The Formation Of Sufi Personality

In this article, we will focus on the fact that the formation of the Sufi personality as a method of order is dhikr-centered. Dhikr is considered as the basic principle in the orders. In the ripeness of the Nafs, it is essential that the seven names of Allah be mentioned according to the layers of the Nafs. In order to attain peace in the liquidation of the heart, it is necessary to mention the name of Allah, which contains all the names. The real purpose of the dhikr reported to a Sufi by his sheikh, is the rise of a consciousness that will constantly remember Allah. Now that he is aware that Allah is watching over him, he will be greatly free from sins and will be able to pursue goodness. When dhikr is considered from the point of view of remembering, there must be a state of forgetting before doing so. Sufis interpret "forgetting" as: forgetting Allah in this worldly life, the “Elest World” that took place and the promise that is given in the form of belief in Allah and worship (misaq) in the world of souls. Remembering Allah in both forms of forgetting takes place within the scope of dhikr. What sufi really needs to do is to use this feature of forgetting itself in a good way to transform it from its present bad form into a good form. So while the Sufi used to forget Allah before, he will now forget everything other than Allah, and thus will have reached the genuine dhikr. Besides, the imagination which contributes to remembering in dhikr is related to love. As one remembers the one whom they love when imagining something that reminds them their beloved person, the person who loves Allah will remember and never forget Him through everything they will see in the universe which are all manifestation of Him.


Dhikr, remembering, forgetting, dreaming, love.

Author : Veysel AKKAYA
Number of pages: 441-450
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Turkish Studies-Comparative Religious Studies
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