A Critical Approach to Sunni Narratives about the Legacy (Fedek) Demand of Hz. Fatıma -1-

This study includes criticism about the authenticity of Sunni narratives about the legacy demand of Hz. Fatima, the daughter of Hz. Prophet (bpuh), from the Caliph Hz. Abu Bakr after the death of Hz. Prophet(pbuh). It is the main subject of the narratives that Fatıma and the other Ahl al-Bayt members demanded Hz. Prophet’s (bpuh) legacy after his death and the Caliph rejected it. The accuracy of the narratives, which expresses that other heirs, except Hz. Fatima, were convinced of the Caliph's response while Hz. Fatima insisted on claiming the legacy, carries serious doubts. As stated in these narratives, there was no legacy demand but the narratives, which were shaped by the influence of political events and attitudes in the period after the Rachid caliphs, reflected as if there had been a legacy demand. In the period of the four caliphs, the properties submitted to the benefit in compliance with Hz. Prophet’s (bpuh) request, which were subject to the claim of legacy demand, were allocated to some individuals during the Umayyads. When Fedek, in which she obtained her alimony for the share she received from the Ahl al-Bayt’s income, went beyond its cause by political repression, the narratives about the claim of the legacy to suppress possible criticisms or reactions were produced or made produced. These narratives, which took a great shape until they passed to the sources, caused the Sunni-Shiite intellectual approaches to make unnecessary discussions over it by being an instrument to defense, assault or sedition. In fact, it is clear that the mentioned discussions about the request for legacy were not experienced, but became subject to narratives as if they were experienced by the perception created later.


Islamic History, Hadith, Hz. Fatima, Legacy, Fedek.

Author : Mevlüt POYRAZ
Number of pages: 553-576
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.22979
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Comparative Religious Studies
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