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Turkish Studies began its publishing life in 2006. It is an online journal including acedemic , scientific and research based articles. 

It is published as at least 6 issues in a year. In addition to these 6 issues, some  special issues prepared by  proven academicians are published. Hence, along with these special issues, 7 or 8 issues are published yearly. However, our  February, April, June, August, October and December issues are published regularly. 

Turkish Studies is a journal established in line with the demands of Turcologists. Although Associate Prof. Dr.Mehmet Dursun Erdem is the official owner, the journal belongs to all Turcologists. 

Therefore, nearly all issues have  guest editorials. Turkish Studies is a scientific journal approving articles based on research and analysis about especially Turkish Languages, Altaic Languages and Literature, the History of Middle East, Middle Asia and Europe, Educational Sciences, Ethnic Science, Sociology and Geography.


Turkish Studies is a journal publishing academic , scientific and original articles based on research, analysis and assessment. Especially Turkish and English, German, French and Russian articles are published since Turkish Studies is published in the field of Social Sciences. 

Turkish studies , one of the most respected journals in the field of Turcology, is the meeting point for scientists. The most important feature of the journal is the system of guest editorial. 

Scientists leading their fields and achieved success can publish special issues on their professions thanks to the guest editorial system and as a result, reference guides belonging to the related fields are published. 

Thus, both scientists realize their dreams on their own fields and qualifed reference guides on their fields are published. 

Turkish Studies is in touch with great numbers of Turcology Institute all over the world. It has agencies in 30 countries from Norway to Canada. 

Turkish Studies is scanned by tens of indexes and databases. It was established  by the efforts of many scientists connected to different universities. 

Therefore, Turkish Studies is non-aligned to any university or institution and it is maintaining its publishings independently.

Turkish Studies
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